The Original Stretch Armstrong

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The Original Stretch Armstrong is back! - Super strong! Super stretchy fun!

  • A modern version of the classic toy
  • 12-inch stretchable action figure.
  • Grab hold and stretch his arms, legs and torso.
  • Release and Stretch retracts back to his normal size and shape.
  • You can also tie him in knots!
  • This item has been re-liscensed as the original - only select retailers have this unique, blast from the past item (we're one of them) so please beware of knock offs.


History (from Wikipedia)

The original Stretch Armstrong figure was conceived and developed by Bill Armasmith, and was in production from 1976 until 1980. Denys Fisher manufactured and released the figure in Europe, under license from Kenner.[3] The original 1970s toy commands high prices on the secondary collectors' market, selling for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of US dollars.Through storage and play, the figure could become damaged and rendered useless. There are still original Stretch Armstrongs that have survived the passing of time and are remarkably preserved through sheer luck or being stored at the correct temperature. The figure keeps best at room temperature.