Prism Tantrum 220 -Lava

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Tantrum parafoils are speedy, rugged, and a blast to fly… and you’ll be digging your heels in as the breeze comes up.

Perfect trainers for traction kiting, kiteboarding, or all-around fun, they’ll teach you solid kite handling skills before you take on the serious pull of a full-sized water or traction kite. In stronger winds, the Tantrum’s low-drag airfoil delivers impressive speed and more than enough power to drag you down the beach with an adrenaline-stoked grin.

Use the included safety leash if things get too wild just let go of the bar and the kite will settle safely to the ground.


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Why does the Tantrum include a padded control bar and safety leash?

The Tantrum pulls hard enough to drag you down the beach on a windy day. A control bar is more comfortable to hang on to than straps, and if things get crazy, just let go of the bar. The safety leash will dump the power from the kite without letting it escape downwind.

Which size should I choose?

The 220 is our favorite for all-around fun and it strikes a perfect balance between speed and pull. Choose the 250 if you’re a heavier pilot or fly more often in lighter winds.