Prism Kite Repair Kit

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A handy selection of the things you need to perform common field repairs on most stunt kites. Packaged in a drawstring pouch, our repair kit includes a handy booklet that’ll show you how to fix or improvise solutions for just about anything that can go wrong with your stunt kite – don’t leave home without it!

Here's what comes in the kit:

Repair Tape
1pc - 25cm x 2.5cm (approx.) strip clear repair tape

2pc - 3cm x 3cm round black cloth patches
1pc - 16cm x 6cm black cloth patch

Leading Edge Fittings
1pc - Nexus Leading Edge fitting
1pc - Quantum/Hypnotist Leading Edge fitting
1pc - "D" Leading Edge fitting

Standoff Retainer Fittings
1pc - .250 Standoff Retainer fitting

Standoff Clips
1pc - Standoff clip (clamshell style)
1pc - Standoff clip (screw-on style)

1pc - 4" 2400 solid carbon ferrule
1pc - 2.5" 2400 solid carbon ferrule
1pc - Nexus ferrule
1pc - Quantum/Hypnotist ferrule

Heatshrink Stops
2pc - Large Heatshrink Stop 3/8" x 16mm
2pc - Medium Heatshrink Stop 3/8" x 10mm

1pc - Nexus nock
1pc - Quantum nock
1pc - Bohning nock

2pc - 7mm Endcap (Bohning nock cover size)
5pc - 2mm Endcap (standoff rod endcap)

1pc - Set of red/blue pigtails

Bridle Line
1pc - 100cm black 1.7mm bridle line

Sleeving Kit
1pc - Red/blue sleeving kit with threading wire

1pc - Utility knife
1pc - Repair guide