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The Jackite Canada Goose was designed to be used as decoys by hunters. As the Jackite bird flaps its wings and banks on the air it really does decoy in live birds.

Marguerite began the project of the geese kites and as with all the kites she designed it in her mind before actually creating a prototype. She pondered the head and neck of the goose, how does one design a 3-D head that is rounded, a more complex challenge then first imagined. She woke one night and cut out the head, making a 3-D design. Viola, she had a goose head with a rounded neck.

She spent countless hours designing each bird by cutting it out of Tyvek and watching that prototype fly, then cutting out another bird with changes she realized from the previous version, until the design was completed. Most designs took over a month to complete.

The Jackite geese have a 48 inch wingspan and comes in a 3 inch mailing tube. It has a flexing fiberglass rod that is installed across the wings which is how the bird flaps its wings.