3D Monarch Butterfly 55" Kite

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  • MONARCH BUTTERFLY KITE: Fun to fly, easy to assemble and very stable, this large Butterfly flys well in the 5 to 18mph wind range; Great outdoor activity for all people age 12 and up.
  • SUPERSIZE ULTRA KITES: This extra large kite assortment features ultra high definition printed ripstop nylon sail for extra durability; See all the styles like Buzz Lightyear, P-38 Lightning, Hot Air Ballon, Unicorn, and the New 3D Dragon, 3D Firebird, and 3D Butterfly
  • MONARCH BUTTERFLY SPECS: 55 Inches Wide, this SuperSize Ultra comes with Monarch Butterfly SuperSize Ultra Ripstop Nylon Butterfly Kite Sail, Fiberglass Airframe, SkyTails®, Kite Handle, and 300ft of 60lb Kite Line w/ QuikClip®